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Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a computer program written on the blockchain, it is capable of storing information and/or currency and a set of logic and conditions that are pre-agreed upon between parties - that will self execute at a future date without the intervention of a third party.

Smart contracts are very powerful because they can self execute and can never be altered once deployed and initiated. This provides the assurance that current contracts do not because they are based on blockchain technology.

Smart contracts can also be viewed as a way to program your money and data, and ensuring that your intentions will be carried out even if you are no longer directly in control of that data or money - the contract will continue to execute your instructions.

Our Smart Contract Services

We will develop, test and deploy your smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain on your behalf.

We will also develop your web-application and dashboard to help you interact with and monitor your smart Contract from the convenience of your webbrowser - whether you need a private or public interface, get in touch with our team to lean more and start today

Smart Contract Applications

We have compiled examples of current transactions that can be secured and administered by smart contracts in a more efficient, secure, reliable manner without any intervention from an additional third party. We will show you how . . .

Smart Insurance
Insurance without an insurance company

Smart insurance is a decentralised organisation operating on the blockchain. Instead of building their own blockchain which will consume a lot of time and resources, they can operate a smart contract on the second largest global blockchain Ethereum. Members of the insurance scheme do not have to know each other, or even live in the same country. All their interactions are governed by a smart contract, ensuring all members make the required payments and when legitimate claims are made - they get paid out.

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Smart Stokvel
Trustless financial management

Smart stokvel is a savings platform, simmilar models exist through the developing economies but the main problem with them, is the "trusted" middle-man keeping all the funds tends to dissapear with the funds.

Instead create your own central shared bank with a smart contract. All members who contribute will have voting rights and get their money back with profits (if any) at the agreed upon interval, without issues, litigation or middle men. Learn More

Smart Online Market
Online trading without the scams

Imagine buying and paying for items on the web and having the full guarantee that you will receive those items or you will get your money back. The payments are made to a smart contract - which pays the seller if you receive the item or returns the money back to you, if you dont receive the items.

This model can be expanded with a third party tracking business that pings the contract at regular intervals as your items moves through the delivery schedule.

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