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Tati employs best practices in Project Management when it comes to delivering your Blockchain Project. We approach every client and situation differently. We understand that, sometimes you have an idea but are not quite sure on how to scope it, we also understand that ideas evolve. Therefore you need a flexible solution that chases the moving target of your brilliant idea, until it is implemented. We also understand that deployment is just the begining - we will support the auditng and testing process until your project is ready for production

Project Process Map Overview



#Concept DevelopmentEngineering DevelopmentDeployment and TestingMaintenance and Support
ObjectivesComplete project scoping, interrogate the idea and explore other optionsProduce working model of the idea and conceptMake sure the product works and delivers on its intended purpose.Ensure optimal operation on a day to day basis
ClientAnswer the question - Is this the best approach to solving the current problem?Provide specifications, and review outputs on a regular basis. Give feedback on design and implementation solutionCompare the working solution to concept idea, answer the question? Does this soltion solve the problem we are trying to solve?Idea is implmented - consider regular imporvements. The technology is constantly shifting, answer the question: can we improve on this project?
TatiProvide guidance and direction on industry standards, alternatives and help shape the idea in to the best possible version of the ideaDevelop the agreed upon idea, with regular contact with client. Constant feedback is used to make sure the engineered solution is the correct solution.Run tests, support auditing effors from third parties. Compare our solution to industry best standards and practices.Offer regular maintenance support, always on call