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Create and distribute your own blockchain tokens

Tati Blockchain solutions can assist you in developing your own blockchain tokens and help manage your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process from begining to end. We will even develop your ICO website, the landing page for interested investors.

Do you have a great idea or concept you would like to tokenize? Maybe you want to develop your own blockchain but would like to start with a token distribution. We have the full solution for you, from token development to KYC management of your buyers, token distribution and token listing on our secure exchange.

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Tati Blockchain Tokens Services

Design and develop Tokens on Ethereum


We will develop your Ethereum based ERC20 tokens, using your specifications and requirements. Let us support you in your next Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project.

Develop independent blockchain cryptocurrency


Utilise our project management services and let us develop your own cryptocurrency, to meet your specifications and requirements.

Develop token or blockchain front-end application


Let us develop your web-front end, from the ICO landing page to account, registrations and KYC management on your blockchain project.

Distribute and trade your ERC20 token


Distribute your ERC20 token on our exchange, no need for complicated distribution protocols. All tokens will be ditributed and tradeable on our exchange upon project completion.