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Tati Blockchain Solutions

We specialise in enterprise blockchain and smart contracts applications to help businesses and business networks improve efficiency through distributed ledger technology.

Business Networks
Improve Efficiency with Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain allows for horizontal data intergration between multiple organisations, tracking the same asset, with data security and data integrity - sharing information between organisations with guaranteed access control is now possible. Imagine a patient who needs to see multiple doctors, get medication and health insurance. All the doctors can input medical history in to the same blockchain, later accessed by insurance companies and other medical practitioners.

Smart Funding
Responsible, Secure Crowdfunding

Blockchain smart contracts allow for programmable assets and decentralised autonomous organisations, you can now donate money to a crowd-funding project but remain in control of how your money is being utilised. Digital organisations not bound by geographical borders are now possible with blockchain smart contracts, where the roles and responsibilites can be defined and agreed upon when the organisation is incorporated and enforced automatically by the smart-contract.

Supply Chain Management
Track goods through entire supply chain

Blockchain allows for vertical supply chain asset intergration. Imagine supply chain processes that involve multiple organisations that could be located in multiple geographies, with different data capturing systems who need to synchronise data. We can create a single blockchain to track goods through that supply process, enabling the end user to comnfirm the authenticity and source of any product using simple tracking code and mobile application.

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Build your own blockchain

Tati blockchain solutions can assist in developing a fully functional public or private blockchain. The blockchain can be used to store data and information of varying complexity in a secure tamper proof system. Create your own in-house blockchain to manage your data on this new revolutionary technology that is already changing how we do business.

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Smart Contracts
Programmable assets are here

Let us help you develop specific contracts to run and manage digital assets on the blockchain. Smart contracts make it easy for parties to execute pre-agreed upon terms and conditions in a trustless system, executed automatically when the conditios are met without third party involvement. Save money and time by using a smart contract. Let us show you how.

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Blockchain Tokens
Digital assets on the blockchain

You can now tokenise and disctribute seamlessly any asset on a blockchain. We at Tati blockchain can assist you develop a private or public network of tokens on the blockchain. Blockchain assets will enable parties to transact from anywhere in the world, at the speed if the internet. Take crowdfunding to the next level, find out more below.

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Complete Project Execution

We will deliver turnkey solutions, providing a complete project management solution. Out project life cycle invlolves Project Conceptualisation - our team will consult and help you arrive at the optimal blockchain solution to meet your needs. The next step is Blockchain engineering, where we are involved fully with the client in an interactive environment to ensure inclusion in the design and implementation part of the project.

We deliver full turnkey project management solutions for your next blockchain project. From idea generation to "turn-key"

Concept Development
Idea generation and conceptualisation

Proper scoping of the blockchain idea leads to efficient project execution, therefore we provide extensive conceptualisation development support to clients. You might have an idea, but not quite sure how to scope it. Let us help you scope out your blockchain idea, to ensure maximum effectiveness of the solution.

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Blockchain Engineering
The science of constructing blockchain assets

Blockchain engineering adds the process of engineering to the technology of blockchain. Tati will take the concepts developed, and combine them with the technlology to develop unique blockchain asset. Blockchain engineering is the bridge between the blockhcain idea to the working product.

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Deploy and test the effectiveness of your digital assets

The fully developed and engineered solution will be deployed and tested. A rigorous testing process is undertaken as blockchain assets secure valuable information and resources. Tati will assist with this process and ensure that your blockchain is "fit-for-service" before deployment.

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Maintenance consulting services

Tati provides out clients will full after service maintenance and support of the blockchain asset - as a developing and evolving technology: Regular optimisation tests and improvement plans are necesary to ensure that your blockchain project is operating at its maximum efficency point at all times.

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